Kansas Snapshots Columns for 2021


01-01-2021 Low expectations
01-08-2021 Orderly ABCs
01-15-2021 The joy of dancing
01-22-2021 Awe walking
01-29-2021 A journalist on journalism

02-05-2021 William's story continues
02-12-2021 From pinwheel to powerhouse
02-19-2021 The Tommy we knew
02-26-2021 The Tommy we didn’t know

03-05-2021 "A little jab'll do ya!"
03-12-2021 It's 6 P.M. here in Kansas
03-19-2021 No sour Kraut here!
03-26-2021 "We could learn a lot from crayons"

04-02-2021 A gift that keeps on giving
04-09-2021 Four-letter words
04-16-2021 Dueling with Duo
04-23-2021 Raising the roof
04-30-2021 The power of poetry

05-07-2021 "I had fun"
05-14-2021 "This old house"
05-21-2021 A place for all seasons
05-28-2021 "The Merry, Merry Month of May"

06-04-2021 Botanical beauties and beasts
06-11-2021 "I know it when I see it"
06-18-2021 The end of an era
06-25-2021 A writer's toolbox

07-02-2021 My brain on patterns
07-09-2021 A slice of Americana
07-16-2021 Where are my keys?
07-23-2021 Life's small lessons
07-30-2021 Happy Birthday, ADA

08-06-2021 Grandpa's ledger
08-13-2021 Mural magic
08-20-2021 WYSIATI
08-27-2021 Blackberry birthday

09-03-2021 How do you like those (hedge) apples?
09-10-2021 Been there, done that
09-17-2021 Stories by the yard
09-24-2021 "So I can feel the rain"

10-01-2021 "Look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls"
10-08-2021 Louis and Luciano
10-15-2021 Fabulous fall
10-22-2021 From Jackson to the Jackson