Gloria's Kansas Snapshots Column and Other Writing Awards

It's considered bad form to toot your own horn. But I, the frequently-referenced husband Art in her columns, don't have any reservations about blowing it for wife Gloria!

Since 2010, she has entered some of her writing efforts in various contests. Gloria's motivation for entering the contests was to secure feedback from her professional colleagues in regard to her work.

Hall of Fame - The "Earlier years" entry below was written to explain how the process worked and why she had decided 2022 would be her last year of submissions.

Then, in the summer of 2023, Gloria was informed that the Kansas Press Association had selected her for induction into the association's Hall of Fame.

While I was looking forward to retiring from all the hard work of posting the awards she garnered every year, this one was just too important to not include. Clicking on the award image will give more details.

Gloria's KPA award

Earlier years - Beginning in 2010, Gloria entered some of her writing efforts in various contests. I'm rather proud to say that EVERY year, her efforts have been recognized for their quality.

In recent years, she has always selected two Kansas Snapshots columns that are judged together as per contest rules, and frequently other items as well. These are submitted in January to Kansas Professional Communicators. Any that receive First Place status in the KPC contest are then forwarded to the National Federation of Press Women contest.

Initially, she would choose the submissions based solely on her own preferences. But in an attempt to remove personal bias, she began asking a group of regular readers to help make those selections.

But the process of rereading 52 columns, making an initial reduction in candidates, gathering a group of volunteers along with a submission date that moved ever earlier in the year, meant every year was a bit more rushed.

Thirteen years of submissions had secured the feedback she had sought and made the decision to opt out of future contests.

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