Award 2015

The Kansas Professional Communicators selected the two columns:

A quiet beach and And then there was Three

for a First Place award.

Judges' comments included:

"Your writing did a very good job evoking images in the mind, sharing a personal side that I felt would resonate well with your target audience. Well-paced, with just enough held back to keep the reader going deeper into the piece."

"As a beach lover, 'A quiet beach' seemed to start out as a regular vacation recitation, with the transition to the main subject handled quite well. With the other entry, 'And then there was Three', you almost had me thinking you had mistakenly used was rather than were, but then you showed me again that I was mistaken."

"Your closing sentences also closed the loop from the beginning of your post, most particularly 'A quiet beach.' You speak directly to your audience in a relatable manner in a relaxed manner."