Kansas Snapshots Columns for 2011


01-07-2011 Travelin' van
01-14-2011 The stockings were all sewn for Christmas with care
01-21-2011 The Goodnow House
01-28-2011 Wheat, wind and a little dust!

02-04-2011 "The Dreamer Speaks Again"
02-11-2011 "Lift the notes off the page!"
02-18-2011 Edith Ann and Ernestine stop to visit
02-25-2011 Footnote to history

03-04-2011 Loud and strong
03-11-2011 Just do something - even if it's wrong
03-18-2011 "Thank you, Watson"
03-25-2011 I feel your pain!

04-01-2011 Good people, good ice cream
04-08-2011 Happy-sad-happy
04-15-2011 Signs of the times
04-22-2011 "As seen on TV"
04-29-2011 The quiet student in the back row

05-06-2011 Our baby bird is ready to fly
05-13-2011 2 + 2 = fun
05-20-2011 Airplanes, Amsterdam, Alps - Ahh!
05-27-2011 From our house to their haus

06-03-2011 Easier than one might think
06-10-2011 One small sign
06-17-2011 Little things
06-24-2011 Forty years of catching up

07-01-2011 Pruning
07-08-2011 Post P.O.
07-15-2011 "Christmas every day"
07-22-2011 All I really needed to know
07-29-2011 A whirlwind tour

08-05-2011 The dust hasn't settled yet
08-12-2011 "I'm going to town. Where are my teeth?"
08-19-2011 "Wouldn't be the worst way to go"
08-26-2011 A chain of lakes; a chain of events

09-02-2011 Timber!
09-09-2011 Perspective
09-16-2011 Bye, bye, old me ... hello, new me
09-23-2011 To do, or not to do? THAT is the question!

10-07-2011 The Land of Enchantment
10-14-2011 Smiley - and the world smiles with you
10-21-2011 Happy birthday, Grandpa!
10-28-2011 The Lady turns 125

11-04-2011 A penny's worth of history
11-11-2011 The sun, the moon and half of creation
11-18-2011 Make the person come alive!
11-25-2011 More about Les

12-02-2011 Turkey with a 'tude!'
12-09-2011 Senior moments, Swedish meatballs and seasonal songs
12-16-2011 A Celtic Christmas present
12-23-2011 "I woke up alive"