An Opportunity to be Better - Chapter 5 Page 11

Lily Roenigk and Ed Schwab in Swiss dress

The Germans, Scots and French

At the same time come for freedom
Were the German and the Swiss folk.
They came close behind the Captain -
Came the Roenigks and the Lippes,
Came the Kirchners and the Deetjens,
And the Mertens, Kollings, Youngs,
The Mellieses and Taddikens,
Moellings, Klipaches, Hagens,
Petermeyers, Nemnichs, Germanns,
Duggers, Eilers, Ruffner, Seitz!
And because we like to say it,
We will name the Aemmesseggers.

Who has married with the Rueggs?
Fully half of Morganville
Calls a Ruegg girl aunt or grandma.
Never talk about a Ruegg girl!
Someone's sure to be around
Who is kin, in-law or cousin
Child or great-grand child or nephew,
Son-in-law or niece or great-niece.
Anna, Mary, Lena, Emma, Rosa M. and Lizzie Ruegg
Have raised other Swiss - and gardens,
Like the Weisses and the Steffins,
The Schaffners and the Schorrers,
The Affolters and Schwabs.
Hear their offspring play a folk song;
Hear the old-time German band.

This was the "Oompah band" that played after the line "Hear the old-time German band."

Then there were Scotch came to this town.
That Scotchman's so well-known,
I don't even have to say it's Alex Purves.

French came after Captain Morgan
Ere the team was fed and watered -
With big families and thrift;
Came with Celtic wit and scrubbed house;
Came with good potato soup;
Came the Perreaults and Parontos,
Cyrs, Gelinos and Menards,
Came the Brouillettes, Bechards, Belleaus,
Pequettes, Sauvains, and Girards, Chaput
Mechands, Morissettes, DesJardins, Sorells and Bertrand.
Father Pierre of St. Joseph
Rang here first the Angelus -
"Parlez-vous Francais? Un Peu!"

A common error in the United States is to refer to the Scots as Scotch.

Translation: Do you speak French? A little!