Kansas Snapshots Columns for 2009


01-02-2009 Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think
01-09-2009 Manners of speaking
01-16-2009 A shower head and shoe polish
01-23-2009 The good, the bad and the boring
01-30-2009 Is it spring yet?

02-06-2009 One day at a time
02-13-2009 It takes a village - at any age
02-20-2009 Dale the Male
02-27-2009 A memory of Ireland

03-06-2009 "I sing, therefore I am"
03-13-2009 No column
03-20-2009 Something gained, something lost
03-27-2009 50 years of Barbies

04-03-2009 Red rubber ball
04-10-2009 Memory joggers
04-17-2009 Surprise!
04-24-2009 In the Mood

05-01-2009 Christmas in April
05-08-2009 At the Heart of Purple
05-15-2009 Stop and smell the lilacs
05-22-2009 Over there
05-29-2009 No room for angels - but the music was heavenly

06-05-2009 99 and counting
06-12-2009 Just the facts
06-19-2009 All aboard to Miniatur Wunderland
06-26-2009 "Well, that's it!"

07-03-2009 Good western fellowship
07-10-2009 Get used to it
07-17-2009 The red plaid diary
07-24-2009 A sad chapter to remember
07-31-2009 A treasure trove of memories

08-07-2009 A working vacation
08-14-2009 Chance leads to romance
08-21-2009 A gift from Saturn
08-28-2009 The third Saturday in August

09-04-2009 A year in the life of a 14-year-old
09-11-2009 Tough being green
09-18-2009 On the road to Paradise
09-25-2009 Love, loss and longing

10-02-2009 Berries, bears and bombs
10-09-2009 No column
10-16-2009 Five minutes after ten
10-23-2009 The landscape has changed
10-30-2009 No column

11-06-2009 Duck and flounder
11-13-2009 The fall of the wall
11-20-2009 Spectacular Seussical
11-27-2009 School days, school days, good old golden rule days

12-04-2009 Two kinds of time
12-11-2009 "Everyday people"
12-18-2009 Heart-felt holiday ornaments
12-25-2009 "Through the years, we all will be together"