An Opportunity to be Better - Chapter 5 Page 21

Left: Celebrating the end of World War II in the play. Note the French flag; right: Private First Class Floyd W. Hanson, son of farmer Charles Hanson and his wife Minnie, died on July 18, 1944 in the battle for St. Lo, France.

Seeking Isolation Did Not Help.

Oh, Captain Morgan, hear your namesake,
Hear your prairie-island town tell
Of those five years of our travail,
Of our secret pain and praying,
Of those five hard years of war.
All these people from the world's ends
Who came here to mind their business,
As the prairie dogs build their towns
Far from men and stalking hunters,
Saw our boys and girls fly scattered
From the Arctic to Equator;
There was some boy's life in balance
In each so-called war theater.
Glenn Rose flew the Kate Smith Bomber,
Urbans, Stonebacks, Gelinos,
Donald Merten fifty missions,
Brown, Fischer's twins and
Old Dan Roenigk,
Davis and Hanson never to return
Holte, Deetjen, Anderson,
Miller, Bahr, Park, Olson, Fletcher and Gennett.
Shock that struck at Hiroshima
Had struck here in hearts already.
All these names were heard before,
Mixed at random, Fox and Bloom.
Must we lose someone to black war
Every generation, always?
Lawrence, hear us from your French grave,
Youngs have one again from this war
Half the globe away from you,
They have one who comes no more.
The world brought trouble to our song,
Found us here in Morganville,
Found us as boys find a bird's nest,
Stilled the song of Morganville.
Found us home at Morganville.