An Opportunity to be Better - Chapter 5 Page 17

Left: The southern face of the Methodist church in Morganville; right: The northern side of the Catholic church in Fèves

Differences? Yes, but Unity Too!

But never have we plowed our ground,
Waiting for explosion's sound -
Never has our sky rained horror
Made by man. God's lightning's tender -
God's worst wrath is mild as cream,
Compared to bombs of man's devising.
Oh, helpless man against himself!

Come, then, Boy Scouts, do your good deed,
Lead a hit and miss parade,
Of the years of happy peacetime.
We are one church and united.
Quakers followed Captain Morgan;
Baptists used to use the river;
Adventists, and non-adherents,
Episcopalians, simple Christians,
Presbyterians and such,
All are welcome in our one church.
Catholics are all our warm friends.
Church has long known that it's "One World."