An Opportunity to be Better - Chapter 5 Page 12

Madam Butterfly - Eileen (Malcolm) Silver and daughter Carol standing at the entrance to the Stadium

The World Comes to Morganville

And some boys were not returning -
Chateau Thierry, Belleau Wood,
The Marseillaise, Joan D'Arc,
Bordeaux, Au Revoir, Allo.
Captain Morgan, Stanley Hanson
Saw your terrible Pacific,
So did Dean Young;
Saw the islands red with blood
And never now can tell us.

Let us pause then without words
For those who did not return.
Lars Anderson's grandson -
Darlyne Bahr, the Philippines,
Maurice Schooley saw Australia.
They've all been to Timbuktu.

But tonight let's take from Asia
Little bits of this and that thing,
Let us reach into the carved chest
For our paper napkin figures,
For some fragments from our childhood,
For the tinkle of the wind chimes.
Saris, Buddha, Arabs, Coolies,
Persian Queens, and Cathay splendor,
For poor Madam Butterfly -