An Opportunity to be Better - Chapter 5 Page 10

Four Scandinavian misses

The Scandinavians Arrive

Now sing some more of Morganville
And sing about the Swedes,
Who came in pairs and crowds and ones
Until the other day.
Sing of their neat white houses
Still peaked for Sweden's snow;
Their lutfisk suppers and their church
Proportioned with an artist's sureness,
Put up with craftsmen's hands.
Sing of their coffee and their bread;
Sing of their children's honesty;
Sing of their pale gold hair.
Name all the names like Johnson,
The Berggrens and Brodens,
The Nelsons, Larsons, Carlsons and the Alm,
The Wibergs, Linquists, Alquists, Solts,
Halversons, Wicklunds, Nybergs, Holtes,
Petersons, Olsons, Carpenters, Stroms,
Dahlgren, Swenson, Rundle, Crome.
Sing for yourselves in Swedish!