An Opportunity to be Better - Book

Morganville, Kansas and Fèves, France become Sisters!

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A sample of the book - Chapter 9 in PDF format - can be read online. This chapter tells how the 2013 reconnection took place and provides details about the subsequent reception in Morganville. >>

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I am really loving the book. It is organized and reads very well. I love how you have so many pictures and illustrations of what is being documented. We could imagine all that but it is so much more interesting to see the letters, photos, programs, etc. What a huge amount of work – to document and write in a coherent fashion but you, Art and your daughter have done it! Great job. Congratulations on a work of love that is so well done! Thanks for this treasure.

Steven Graham - Emeritus - Assistant To the Dean and Director, College of Ag and K-State Research and Extension at Kansas State University

This is a beautiful book built around a touching story. It is both local and international, historical and contemporary. The core story centers upon the relationship between a small Kansas town and a French village in the late 1940s. The book can be seen as both a well-researched history of the early periods and their memoir of the recent one. Throughout, there is journalistic attention to context and detail and to the roles played by specific individuals.

Dr. William Richter - Professor Emeritus of political science at Kansas State University; served at K-State as Associate Provost for International Programs, Head of the Political Science Department

Judges' comments include:

What an absolutely fascinating story. Your research is impeccable and the presentation of the story is well organized. Including photos where they meet the text is ideal as it easily advances the story. And including a section of biographies of key people is a wonderful detail often forgotten.

Kansas Professional Communicator Contest - 2021 First Place

Judges' comments include:

The story combines the sister city project between a small town in Kansas and one in Lorraine in France. ... This tells of an outstanding effort of Kansas' earnest citizens to counteract the effect of WWII in particular. The story is given strength by the involvement of US-France cooperation. The citizens of the two areas exchanged meaningful visits and, as a result, the two places will continue to connect ... I applaud the inclusion of students in the project.

National Federation of Press Women Contest - 2021 Honorable Mention