An Opportunity to be Better - Acknowledgment


While the individuals recognized in the Dedication were crucial in our documenting the connection between Morganville, Kansas and Fèves, France, the help received by many other individuals and groups contributed greatly. Those who deserve special mention are:

Katherine J. Vaughan - book design and layout and video documentation

Mariya B Vaughan - video documentation

Virginie Goulaieff, Francis Pracht, Christine Torlotting and Céline Wadoux - translation

Fèves Mayor René Girard, Morganville Mayor Brent Rundell and their village councils - embracing the reconnection

Former and current citizens of Fèves and Morganville - receptions and warm hospitality

Jeff Gaiser, Clay County Historical Society museum director - pageant artifacts and information

Jay Mellies - energetic pursuit of details

Margretta (Flinner) Fosse - Carson family insights

A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications, KSU - release time for research and writing

Richard L.D. and Marjorie J. Morse Department of Special Collections, KSU - Carson papers

Mark Utley - slide digitization and TWA fact-checking

Solange Torlotting and Christiane Pracht - countless meals and gatherings in their homes