Kansas Snapshots Columns for 2020


01-03-2020 New Year's resolution: do more niksen
01-10-2020 Peppernuts, roof shingles, posters and more
01-17-2020 "Winter warriors"
01-24-2020 Veterans live on through stories
01-31-2020 It's the Barrys

02-07-2020 "Chúc mừng năm mới!"
02-14-2020 A Valentine to Kansas women
02-21-2020 A gaffe a minute
02-28-2020 I looked before I leapt

03-06-2020 Throw caution to the wind
03-13-2020 " ... What can I do to make this mountain taller ..."
03-20-2020 Strange times
03-27-2020 Adapting

04-03-2020 The best medicine
04-10-2020 Opposite of exciting
04-17-2020 "And why?"
04-24-2020 "Jammin' with the fam!"

05-01-2020 "For the Beauty of the Earth"
05-08-2020 "Zooming" into retirement
05-15-2020 Bringing along our past
05-22-2020 Deb and my other friend Deb
05-29-2020 Storyteller, teacher, drummer, friend

06-05-2020 Bedtime stories
06-12-2020 "Messenger of Sympathy and Love ..."
06-19-2020 Tripping through my office
06-26-2020 Swinging can change your life

07-03-2020 From Aikman to Zitnik
07-10-2020 "Apple, table, penny"
07-17-2020 Feline family member
07-24-2020 On a junket for junket
07-31-2020 It sure feels like a story

08-07-2020 Jerome's "wheel of life"
08-14-2020 A day to do nothing
08-21-2020 Not haute cuisine, but it still hits the spot!
08-28-2020 The red elephant in the park

09-04-2020 From clear-cut to conservation
09-11-2020 "Degree by degrees"
09-18-2020 A question
09-25-2020 A valuable informal education

10-02-2020 Accepting the challenge, making a difference
10-09-2020 Connected to something bigger
10-16-2020 It makes me nervous!
10-23-2020 A Superior time
10-30-2020 "The cream of the crop"

11-06-2020 84 shades of white
11-13-2020 What's for dinner?
11-20-2020 Art with Art