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March 2019 - While I have been updating the IN MEMORIAM and MISSING pages since the arrival of 2019, I have left the remainder of this website pretty much untouched since the reunion.

It was originally constructed to provide a place classmates could check when they wanted information related to the then-upcoming 50th reunion. Other materials were added on a “just for fun” basis.

I think it would be fair to say that those who attended the reunion had a good time. But it would be equally true that Carol (Nass) Heid, who managed the effort, and many of her willing workers were left a bit worn out by the many tasks that needed attention. More than a few said something to the effect, “Gee, that was fun, but once was enough.”

The reasonable thing to have done immediately after the reunion was to post pictures, but that did not happen. Several things stood in the way. But the biggest reason was strictly personal. Before the reunion, I had been away from my business for about a month and I had to get back to it. And once that happened, time just slipped away.

Since I had already paid for the domain name and the storage space, there was no additional costs associated with allowing the site to stay active, so the easiest thing to do was to let it remain for the short term. That way, anyone curious about our class would still have something they could look at.

But six and a half years have passed now. It is silly to leave the reunion materials on the site, but, again, doing nothing requires far less work than editing the material out. The easiest thing is to just pay the costs of allowing the site to “sit.”

Late last year, fellow '62er Jane Kupfer sent an e-mail. She was aware of additional subtractions to the ranks of those above the grass and asked that I update the IN MEMORIAM page. Jane is a cracker-jack researcher ... what else would you expect from a professional librarian (now retired)! ... and since I am into my 39th year of doing similar research, it prompted me to start working through the list of people listed on the MISSING page. About a third of those have been sorted now.

So what about the future? For the near term, as time permits, I will work on the fate of our classmates. But I will begin working on other areas as well. The original CONTACTS page has been trimmed as it had a number of folks who were only connected to the reunion. I will probably pull down the reunion information as well.

If you have any thoughts or interesting “stuff” that some of our classmates might be interested in, don’t hesitate to contact me. My e-mail address is on the CONTACTS page.


A year on - One year ago today as I write this, some of us were getting ready for the Saturday night banquet the committee had arranged for our 50th class reunion. Others were about to take the tour of our alma mater. At our age, time seems to go by so swiftly. Therefore, that day, the pizza party the night before and the brunch on Sunday should seem like they took place just yesterday. But to me, it all seems every bit of a year.

This year, my Saturday will be a bit quieter - complete hanging a door and doing some related painting at our place in Northern Wisconsin.

I enjoyed reconnecting with many of you that I hadn’t seen or talked with in quite a while. John Clark lived at the end of the block from me, but I don’t believe I saw him again after the Air Force put him to work during the Vietnam War. Most of us have changed a moderate amount, but I was surprised to see that Kay Menning looked pretty much as she did in high school. I last saw her and husband Dave Jolivette somewhere in the ‘60s in Madison while we were in college. I was talking to Joann Sheldon last week and she mentioned that “photographer guy” from our class. I said, “Do you mean Paul Hertzfeldt?” That was who she meant. It was good to see Paul and don’t think I had seen him since high school.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how nice it was that Carol Nass and hubby Paul Heid opened up their home to me while I was doing some of the Appleton research. Boy, can that women knit! She says she enjoys it, but I have a hunch Carol can fret some and I think the knitting may in part be therapeutic.

It was fun to work with Jane Kupfer on locating classmates we’d lost and to see her again at reunion. Whenever I think of Jane, an incident comes to mind. From time to time, I would see her hitchhiking in Madison during our college years. One day in the dead of winter, I picked her up and gave her a lift. Unlike me, she never had much meat on her bones and I imagined her freezing out there.

Another time, I saw her standing beside the road and so expected to do the same thing, although that time I was heading back to Appleton. I stopped, but it wasn’t Jane! It was some other slender gal, but once stopped, it was hard to just say, “Oops! Mistaken identity,” and then drive away. It turned out the gal was going to Oshkosh, so I drove Jane’s double to her destination.

It was also fun meeting and subsequently talking with Larry Stephenson. I should add that since chatting with Larry about his book “Operation Plum,” I have met quite a few folks like me who are/were very unfamiliar with the events in the Pacific before Pearl Harbor. In each case, I’ve recommended the book. I wish it would have been longer, but Larry said the publishers were afraid a bigger book would seem to intimidating to the average reader and so reduce sales.

Website - I suppose I should apologize for not updating the website more. But my family has had a particularly busy year, so I haven’t had much time to search out new items. I’m still relying on Sue Reetz to keep her ear to the ground in terms finding out about and passing on information about any classmates we lose.

Please don’t hesitate to share with me anything that you feel might be for the “good of the order” and I will try to get it on the site.

Thumb Drive - I have done a major overhaul of the thumb-drive files that those who were at the banquet received. Feel free to copy the contents of that drive as much as you want. I’ve added parts of a new historical item about Appleton’s formation. It’s better than 1300 pages, but I’m only about 20% completed.

If you would like an updated copy, I’d be glad to provide one for you. For twenty dollars and your mailing address, I’ll pick up a drive, copy the files and mail it to you. In regard to the historical piece I mentioned above, I’ll include what I have completed.

For those who did not get a drive at the banquet, it contains the complete indexed 1962 yearbook, comments from classmates, a section devoted to Roosevelt, Wilson and Madison/McKinley junior highs, a large section about how Appleton and the high school came into existence, music from a recent AHS-West choir, obituaries for deceased classmates, a complete reunion booklet by an earlier AHS graduate, and much more.

I have been asked why I don’t just post all this material. There are multiple reasons. One is that I have been hosting the website on my company’s extra server space, but all the files would more than consume what excess I have. Another is that some of the materials come from sources that have not granted permission to republish them. Another still is that I did not ask people who wrote submissions if it was OK to publicly publish them.

A wish! - Here is wishing you had a happy 51st post-graduation year!